Jalan Buana Sari, Gang Melali

 Bingin, Pecatu

Kuta Selatan


Bali. Indonesia





If you have access to internet, we highly recommend using google maps to find us (just search “Melali Bingin”). Written directions are below in English and Indonesian:




From your location, tell your driver you want to go to “BINGIN BEACH” which is before “PADANG PADANG”. This will get you going in the right direction. 

Once you get to the village of PECATU, you must turn right into “JALAN LABUHAN SAIT” (also known as “JALAN PADANG PADANG”). 

You will follow this road for approximately 5 minutes down a steep hill (passing 69 Mart, Pizzeria Italia, Hidden Hills Villas, Kamafari Surf Lodge and 3D Warung). 

At the bottom of the steep hill there are many shops and restaurants. You will see a Money changer, Naruki Surf Shop, R Mart, Yum Yums Cafe, Ulu Thai Restaurant and Nature’la Home stay. 

From here, there are 2 ways to get to Melali:


OPTION 1:  (via Jalan/Road Buana Sari)

50 m past these cafes/restaurants and shops, you will see a “Flame balls Surf Shop on the right and a Cuban Restaurant on the left. At this intersection TURN RIGHT. 

Follow the road past “Rapture” Surf Camp and Rambo’s Homestay for a minute or so until you get to an intersection with a local shop (Warung) on the corner. It has a red surfboard and petrol bottles out the front.  TURN LEFT HERE. 

Continue for another 200m. You will see PURI BINGIN HOMESTAY on your left. WE ARE THE NEXT RIGHT (there is a sign saying “MELALI” on the corner). 

Continue for 300m down this laneway. MELALI is on the left. 


OPTION 2: (via Jalan/Road Bingin Beach)

Continue past the Cuban restaurant and Jiwa Juice Cafe. You will go up a small rise. When you see “Drifter” and “LOKO”surf shops, TURN RIGHT. This road is “Jalan Pantai Bingin". 

Follow this road until the very end. You will get to an entry gate with lots of signs for accommodation (you may have to pay an entry fee). TURN RIGHT HERE. 

Continue STRAIGHT past Bingin Family Bungalows. There is an intersection here. stay right (do not turn left towards the car park and Cashew Tree). After this, our road is the 3rd ON THE LEFT. You will see our sign on the corner. 





Dari Desa Pecatu,BELOK KANAN ke Jalan Labuhan Sait (Jalan Padang Padang). Jln Labuhan Sait turun ketemu “Money Changer” , “Yum Yums” “Ulu Thai Restoran” & “Nature’la Restoran“

Dari sini ada 2 pilihan:

PILIHAN 1 : (via Jalan Buana Sari)

Diseblh kiri mju lgi dikit ketemu restoran “The CUBAN” dikiri jln. lihat dikanan jalan ada tulisan rapture langsung belok kanan masuk kejln “Rapture” disebelah kanan ada “Rambo Homestay”  

Lurus 1-2 menit terus ketemu warung lokal ada papan selancar merah. Belok KIRI.  Terusdikiri jalan ada “PURI BINGIN HOMESTAY”. Lurus 20m dari Puri Bingin Homestay ada papan MELALI belok KANAN kira kira 300 meter lagi. 


PILIHAN 2: (via Jalan Pantai Bingin Beach)

Jln labuan sait turun dikirijln ada ulu restoran lurus dikiri jalan ketemu restoran “The CUBAN”. Lurus dikanan jalan ada sekolah sd 2 Pecatu lurus ketemu “DRIFTER” Surf Shop, “LOKO” & WARUNG HEBOH di KANAN jln langsung masuk ke jln PANTAI BINGIN. Lurus ketemu dikiri jln ad “BINGIN INN” lurus ketemu portal.  

Diportal BELOK KANAN. Dikanan ad Bingin ini lurus kejalan buana sari ketemu banjar di sebelh kiri banjar buana sari lurus dikiri jalan ada papan “MELALI” belok kiri kira"dari papan melali 300 m lagi